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8/3/2013 When you don't have a title the date will do - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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8/3/2013 When you don't have a title the date will do [Aug. 3rd, 2013|09:24 am]
Following through with plans and actions attributed to those plans.
Finished securing sidewalls, and bottom of trailer.
Gear to pull trailer purchased and installed.
Windshield wipers work now.

Garage is a constant continual process, this sunday much should be done in organizing, then again on Tuesday and Saturday plans processes and machinations will be turning the gears of my mind.

The second book in the series only has approximately 4 chapters to go before it is written, then comes the work of editing and layout.
The good news is the template of the last book will be where this book will lie.  Which means I will not have to spend that time with the layout and I can focus on other matters.

Two other books are sleeping and on ice though some progress has been made towards their completion.

I need to post a work that my friend bill wants available, which should happen sometime this week.

I have one sketchbook that will need to be scanned though 25 pictorial philosophical musings for which I have yet to write about them to share, hopefully by the end of the next two weeks I can have the task accomplished.

Currently reading three books, and making in roads in all three.

Self and world I will see you some other time.
Still much to be done, and some of the work gets done here, but action still must be done.
Good day.