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Plodding around in the back forty [Aug. 8th, 2013|08:17 am]
Life has been slow in some ways because I have been forced to deal with things I have not wanted to, yet here we are another day above ground, and life goes on. Certain things in our life start coming to life as we live, the reasons our grandparents, or parents told us some stories. All of the characteristics of the heart and mind that we work on, to strengthen as we do our muscle our bodies.
So that our hearts might be strong, as well as our bodies and mind.

Forgiveness is something that I have worked with because the poison we hold for no other reason than to hold it because the person or event that hurt us, sometimes did not mean it, or they where malicious, but the pain keeps on hurting you not them. So we forgive ourselves and know that some of the things that occur in our life are not our faults, and the things that are we take responsibility for.
With responsibility we come to find that we can own what is greatest and worse about ourselves, and we can work on both.