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Burnt Cinders [Sep. 11th, 2013|08:06 am]
Burnt Cinders

Burnt Cinders of life and liberty.
  Burnt Cinders of loves lost.
Burnt Cinders of love.

Left with charred remains.
  Left with ends and means.
Left with burnt cinder charcoal choices.

Asps have bitten laid their poison deeply.
  Only then we come to know ourselves.
Asterix they light the stars above and below.

Charon guiding us through temples of shade and shadow.
  Operating we move through our pallid caul onto temples of divine fury.
Still asterixs left burnt cinders of love.

Knowing is not good enough.
  Drilling deeply into our emotional center we still find an ember that will light the stars on fire.
Triumphant - Stars Still Burning From The Ashes Of Their Cinders Only To Know New Fuel Driving, More Burning!