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An Update of sharing and caring [Sep. 16th, 2013|08:58 am]
The book on emotions that I have been working on is nearly done, the vampire has only been coming together a paragraph at a time.
So the emotions book through me for a loop for some reason the file I originally created did not save a thing. Then I was devastated, then I found a more useful way to get the collation of the work that needed to be together in the first place. Their is an object import function in the new word that allows you to import many text files at the same time it changes the formatting a bit but I did not use the text files to get formatting or accuracy. I simply needed something that does not have a bunch of squiggly colored lines to get the text out so that I can prepare it for the next act in this play that we call creation.

That and I have been getting the scanner and images ready for more sharing and love.

My sharing has also been done in a digital video way so that I can share what has been most important about my life with a world that has me here now.

There have been a number of gigs I have been able to do lately and that is always good it makes you feel useful and good, and you can help out and feed yourself which is always good, not to mention but here and there books that I have written and art I have imagined have came into the hearts and minds of those who need it.

That is the good life.