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A Third Day of the Twelfth month. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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A Third Day of the Twelfth month. [Dec. 3rd, 2013|04:37 pm]
Rough draft one completed of the second Vampire Memoir.
My todo list for the work still has many things left on it.
Though with this done I can press on, and maybe get the work done before my birthday or before the end of the month.

With the holidays coming around I have to prepare there as well.
Still a few calls must be made before I can complete my plan.

Many ideas and events have been spinning and spilling within.
Externalization has not been achieved though.

The area that I have set myself to work in is pretty done.
I need to build a shed here if I am going to continue the work that I have been doing for sometime, or simply take jobs that have everything that they need to built in the job.
Which is fine for me makes for light travelling but does not complete my ecological goals as well.

Most of my books have been reviewed now which makes me happy.