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Running Out of Time [Dec. 7th, 2013|11:02 pm]
Running Out of Time Post Cards
Running Out of Time by unixarcade

What would you create when you are running out of time?
When the runway is short in front of you?
Why would you do this?
Is this truly what you will?
We are all running out of time, some of our times just ran out as I wrote this. The sand on the hourglass the grain just fell.
So scrawl in the sand and build your mind, because you are running out of time.
I am running out of time.
Loved ones that I already have had have ran out of time.
I still love them, and someof them have some greater existence through me. I work for them all. I work for us all.
That is the burning.
The reason I create so much, because so much will be destroyed.
To create captures the ether, the visage, the light.
So it shall be, as it was.