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To walk away. [Feb. 16th, 2014|06:14 pm]
To walk away.
Do you know the pain of having to walk away from your life.
To walk away from your home, from the ones you love.
I am not without fault or failure in vision, so much I have not been able to see.
Yet the oceans call to me and I hear them encompassing me.
Ever spurring me on, to a world that is kinder to all of it's species, to a conscious universe.

I know that what I know and my history is the colors that I paint with, and my palette only has the colors I have known
or learned to blend.
Yet this world is full of blame and shame, and there is no finger that can be left unpointed.
I point my fingers at me, because I know that I can do something about myself.

What I can do on the outside is simple, I can share work, I can share ideas, and I can share heart.
If my heart and ideas are in my work.
Then whether I have to leave a thousand villages, and all of the people in the world, which will happen one day regardless.

We live in between the mouth of two tigers, one which we have already come from and one which we will eventually go to.

Though we can change things about ourselves that we would like to correct within ourselves we never leave who we have always been.