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We were all born free. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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We were all born free. [Feb. 16th, 2014|06:33 pm]
We were all born free.

We were all born free.

Then the world takes it's turn.

This is what you should believe.
This is what you should know.
This is who you should  care for.
This is what is important.

The bars to the mind are many as you are being educated.
Proselytize me not.

Nature ever abundant is my last and final teacher those things that do not meet her burden of proof simply burden me.
Freedom though is not welcome in societies, it means your not normal your not the same.
Which is strange to me it would seem the contrary, that those who bier the burden and the bars outside of natures truth
are those that are not normal.

No other creature pays for it's existence as we do to one another.
Who are our queens certainly I choose none of them.
I choose free people living loving thinking people.

The artists, scientists, weirdos and thinkers.
Bring me more free people.

We were all born free.

So why do we build our chains link by link, strong box by strong box.
Why compete when their is no competition, when all you can do is work on the sculpture of mind through your thoughts and your acts.

Give me not the bars or torment of my own mind but set me to my internal flight so that I might always be free no matter what the outcome or my circumstance.