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Progress quest Third Book in series and something a little different. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Progress quest Third Book in series and something a little different. [Mar. 16th, 2014|01:15 pm]
The third book in the series is coming along, and it will be like and unlike the first and second book, it will carry the formatting forth, but it will also possibly combine new types of work within the work as well. I need to keep thinking and acting in the vein to see where I am at during the end of the work. This other book has a vampire main character and is a character in the last book but that's where everything spins off into a murky torodial abyss with ever stretching vertiginous spectral tentacles seeking out the ends and the depths of the spirit. Challenging the spirit there.

Both of these works are getting closer and closer to completion as I press my will upon the keyboard, to enter in this symbology.
This book will also take on a new format, I think that I will write the format in html5, css3  since  I have been unhappy with the carry over to kindle with some of my other work, it simply does not keep the beauty of the document, which is the antithesis to my work.

So by planning and working early on the problems I don't like I have more time for them, because when I get close to the date which I want to pull the plug that's it, I have little more work for the project at that time.

The way that I have been able to fight some of this is just to plan and start early on the parts of the problem I do not like.

I still have to get better at the sharing of the work, it's hard their are a million other people working on things right now, and for all I know many of them may be good, but I need a stronger signal, maybe in time this will occur.