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Life in the park [Mar. 29th, 2014|11:10 pm]
Gladiator school day one.
It did not matter your race or your gender, the chips were always stacked against you.
I was too stupid to learn, I never learned how not to care.
I never learned that we could not change anything.

I never believed that we could not change the world, that one person could change the world.
I think it's great all of the stupid people who could not learn these things, I love them all.

They are the revolutionaries that have seen ideas as good friends and they made them real.

The great thing about it is that we have been head faked, we look around thinking that we do not live in constructs.
Oh but my friends we have always lived in constructs of just us.
People telling other people yes or other people no and they have used ourselves against us.

So Adam Smith creates economics, and economics influences our conceptualization of capitalism.
He said that we need not worry that people working out of their own good would create a greater benefit than if they where working through a moral imperative for their own good. I think that this worked for sometime, and in ways it did not work. The problem with this formalism is as such that the system is integrated, and it is hard to see what the toggles and variables do but most assuredly they are all doing something.

So it would seem that we need to think about the present and the future simultaneously, what exists within the probability space of the now and how it will collapse to create possible and probable futures from the actions that we implement. With this sort of ideal, all ideas are about the ideal, and when we implement we are going to have to strive for the ideal while recognizing the good, and grasping the good for what it is because the ideal is improbable.

Though if we do this we can help to save ourselves from possible futures paths that we really do not want to try to solve though we maybe able to solve many of them, since we are ingenious whether we are trained to be as such or not it is inherent.

I find it funny that we live in a nation that practices a faith, and yet we fail that faith, we fail kindness and inclusivity.
The things we choose and the things we do not still impact us, and sometimes the things we put no care to that we do not choose come to be our undoing.

I see the making of greatness in the human spirit all around me in all people.
Sometimes they just don't see it themselves.