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In advance [Apr. 17th, 2014|02:11 am]
Today I finished writing a bunch of code, read my way and worked through 50pgs of editing.
I finished Most of the layout a week and a half ago. I recorded all of a Cyberpunk Tao on youtube.

In the next few days I hope to have another notebook scanned and uploaded, as well as the first complete draft of this book done, then onto two to three more readings then off to press.

I have been imagining the possibilities of a graphic work that is intra locution a cyberia advent. Then I would like to do more than record the whole reading which has also been done to youtube.

I still need to do the next readings for the next part of the first tales of the hand as well as a second reading for sojourns song, then when the book is pressed I need to do another reading of the third book, the titles done prepared and ready but I leave you in suspense.