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Nearing the end [Jul. 3rd, 2014|08:39 pm]
So I just finished the reread from the rewrite, and I looked back at where I was in rough draft zero the work is plus twenty pages, allot of that work being description, transition, scene, and dialogue. All in all I think the work has been worth it. Even though I am impatient and would have liked to be done months ago. It has exercised my patience and made me focus on this work in ways that I would not if I just pushed the rush.

There may be a bit more back and forth before an agreed on final copy but I do know that the work is nearing the end. Which means I can get to work on the things that are eating me up after I completely focus on the program that I am in or use the program to complete some of the work I have wanted to do. An integrated approach.