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The twilight of my sunshine [Jul. 18th, 2014|10:19 pm]
Your my sunshine we used to sing.
And in your twilight years you are astray, no home to call your own.
So I ask I question, why so little peace.

Something must be said, you are my sunshine.
Onto the stars that twinkle.
Moreover they sing, and I sing for you.
Exit earth.
Tomorrows I wish for you that you had peace in these days.
Hard it is to wander in your twilight.
Instances of joy in the clouds and sunshine songs amidst the stormy oceans depths.
Now we need peace for you singer of sunshine.
Gone are the days that fade passing into time we memories of passing days.

So I sing out to the stars, you are my sunshine my only sunshine, and I wish you had a home in your twilight years and peace.