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Still Invisible [Jul. 23rd, 2014|08:11 pm]
You wrote about the singular invisible.
No amongst us is an ocean of invisible.
The invisible was strangely divisive.

Why should someone who is hurting, in pain, need nothing but a little care be so invisible.
I saw you I saw you part an ocean of people, and you made me invisible as well because I saw you.

We ghosts then walked in between worlds of illusion and suffering.
I worry not for being in the ocean because there was an ocean before and there may be an ocean again.

It never stops concerning me the dancing shadows flitting in the world.
I will speak for you as I have.

I know that we must and not just for the sake of ourselves though if we did it for this reason alone it would be better than to not act or speak at all.

The silence kills the ghosts and the shadows, until ever more become shadows and dust.

Until we all stand against the gods flame, and acquire our Kamikaze Eyes.

It is my internal song that sings for the hikikomori the otaku to save us all from the fools errant and the single trial prisoners dilemma.

So let us serve the winds of change let us be reborn in our lives indigo children so that we might be timeless in our polymorphism.