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CommYounity Management Software [Aug. 11th, 2014|02:04 pm]
My Group at Grand Circus and ExperienceIT

Have been working on something nifty for the world. The idea is that you can have communities and they can communicate with each other via text messaging, and emails, through the website to help manage your real space because the little things count.

That and you can notify your neighbors of the good and the dangers, so that we can help and care for one another again more effectively in this new world we are living in.



The best way to create a thriving city is to connect and enable community organizations within the city and pull them together into a coalition for growth. Designing a networking tool based on existing community organizations is a good beginning but it is only the first step. Community Groups are the best starting point because they provide individual residents with a mechanism for connecting to and interacting with their neighbors.

Connecting individuals who have recently relocated to the city or moved to new areas will help create a positive sense of community. This application will have two primary functions:

• Identify Community Groups by inputting the user’s zip code, facilitate joining one of them

• Allow Community Groups themselves to push alerts out to their membership roster

The user will then be able to find their closest block clubs and reach out for additional information regarding officers, meeting times, meeting locations, etc. Alerts will include emergency or security alerts, meeting reminders, activity/program alerts, or community meeting alerts. The application will be based on an interface that is intuitive, engaging, fun to use. Ultimately this application will facilitate networking between individual residents and Block Clubs, and between Community Groups across the globe.

Group Members:

Odiljon Adhmedov


Pamela Finger


Matthew Kowalski



Tom Gregory