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The Ideal [Aug. 31st, 2014|09:26 pm]
It is so important to fight and structure construct and try for the idea.

Let us for a moment examine why it was until superman was molested ideally with the movie that just occurred.
Superman was never supposed to kill, why because one of the creators fathers was killed by a gangster, and this was that mans
way of raging against the ages. To rage against all thugs for all time in all forms.

So when we start making our ideals cross lines that maybe they never should we put ourselves and possibly the worlds we live in, in a bit of peril.

Since it is that we are talking about a being that is truly good and wants to see good and well for the multitudes and fights on and on ceaselessly so that a better world can in fact be created.

It maybe very difficult to not have ideal figures when we want to model a world and ourselves out of something that maybe we can never be yet is still worthy of our effort.

Our first best destiny, and virtue.