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Word Machines after the fall - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Word Machines after the fall [Sep. 3rd, 2014|07:05 pm]
Here come the bells and screams again as somnambulistic night terrors encroach upon deaths ground.
The bridges have been burned though and we intended to fight to the last, and we where hoping that we would be the onces stepping on your corpse gnashing our teeth as we crush the last, and push forward.

For we legion have mission and intention.
We legion are coming.
Can't you here the war drums beating and bleeting in the distance soon now the fires will be upon alls doors.

Deaths ground is moving towards us and not away.

Though the screams are nothing compared to the unending silence and the frothing bubbling of a nature a permanent impermenance.

Kindly was the night fiends and the gun fire and the screams, and they tell me they are all fantasies.
Though the bodies behind me tell me another truth, that until you see life eat life destroying it in front of you.
Until you see yourself bleeding out not knowing the next.

I empathize with your plight because I saw the machine of society eat the best and most gentle of us.
Turning them into monsters, and then fearing those that it created.

It creates the monsters to have something to hate to push fascism forward one goose step after another until there is not a voice left.
Mass extinction, holocaust, I cry out for the dying species, a global genocide against life.

We against all life, and we doing a poor job of managing what might one day be a world where no creature that digests in the way we do or respirates in the way we do survives.

Not that the universe cares, though that does not mean we should not.
Since we were endowed with the best in us, the caring, the ability to plan, the ability to be systematically caring.

Deep magic of Narnia, being that which we fight with whether their are words or knowledge to systematically understand it, and if there is not then let us create it so that we might have the ideas to think about it.
Construction of caring  building machines of care, machines of potential, and possibilities, future perfect.