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Vignette: Goo Renhurst from Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Vignette: Goo Renhurst from Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer [Sep. 7th, 2014|12:08 pm]

Goo Renhurst
Goo Renhurst by unixarcade

Born of a sect that was, but was not within the world, and within the Holy See. These world walkers were ancient and knowing, and called by the divine to serve, yet to be chastised.
In this chastity we would live. Upon a high holy day there was a ritual performed to create me. The initiated cloister walked within worlds to a place as ancient as the most sacred place upon the earth. We walked a bridge that spanned darkness. A black castle lingering against black skies shone in the shadows glint, a reflection of a dream. Though this dream was waking. Then within this tomb of ancient power that held within it a light of the logos burning above an obsidian casket. I stripped myself of the clothes of my old life. Naked, stepping within the confines of the coffin, I saw above me floating a golden chalice, and below me the cold obsidian lay against my warm flesh for the last time. There were two holes within the sacred artifice of this coffin confines. A materialization of this obsidian coffin came to be from nowhere. The holy men that walked with me started a prayer chant song, a convocation of the invoked spirit. Then two spikes one silver, one gold, quickly penetrated my feet. Though I had not noticed before, there must have been holes behind my wrists. For now nails protruded from them, I was bleeding arterially, then they pressed a spear of destiny within my side. As my eyes started to close, tired from this worlds affairs, the chalice above started drooling out blood, and the blood rolled over me coolly. This blood that ran over me a sacrament a new baptism. This blood was a fire water baptism for the blood burned me. The pain that writhed within me as it spread out as a network of fluctuating volatile pain. This pain was beyond torment, it tore at me from the inside out a hundred thousand stinging claws from within trying to tear their way out. This last pain was extraordinary; I could not believe that I was still aware and not stricken by shock. The blood from this baptism found itself alive, moving within me. This blood a life form that sought the last of my life, it snuffed out
the last lite in that life. I was left with instead a black-blue burning fire in my heart that was full of the spirit. The blood sought to leave me transformed, I was left changed, polymorphed, from one type of life to another. The holy words spun throughout the matrix of this fire water baptism until, the old me was burned out and a new me stood naked and reborn. A beautiful woman I had never seen before stood before me nude. She hailed herself Shekinah and she laid vestments upon me. It was commanded of me to venture from the Holy See. I was to be made to walk in between worlds, and I would walk behind the veil of worlds. I would be as those that transformed me. Not simply through the kiss, but I would be bound with spirits of lost ages, working for the prophecy. So I would through my communion and my admonition to the rendering to the power that was vested in those who would inculcate me to the holy mysteries.
I would serve them and they themselves would serve. I left on a pilgrimage around the world, to see if we could advocate for days that were not as bleak. A pilgrimage to keep the world from the dark transformation.

Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer

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