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Vignette: Julius Luna from Going Home By Stephan Handbringer - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Vignette: Julius Luna from Going Home By Stephan Handbringer [Sep. 8th, 2014|12:29 pm]
Julius Luna
Julius Luna by unixarcade

Born of mud, inverted from the serpent and the maidens kiss.
I would be made to defy the light; I would be made to be the champion of darkness.
My name in form. They called me Juli Lunaris in Ancient Greece. This was only one of the names these others, these humans would know me as.
The serpents whisper came to me from those eternal stars wringing down such sweet music. The music played would create the sacrament for the host, I would be the foe.
An adversary and agent as time would spin in the plan eternal.
Would we spin the stars inverted? The reverse kundalini, the name read in reverse the unmaking.
The serpents plan would not be my plan.
I would make this world and work in my image.
The vestiges of magik unbound, the stars remaking.
The song resung.
It would be with great care and waves of time that the plan would unfold.
Knowingly, carefully I would stretch the time between each move, each spell, each location defiled. The plan might be known, and hidden amongst the mysteries behind the shadows hand the game would be played by players both known and unknown. With due consideration and grandiosity of the thaumaturgical lines that would be played polymorphic - a spiral outward in.
Generative in the magic ministrations upon the first and last fingers of my left hand I would invert the philosophers stone, the salamander, and the making inverted perfection. Via negativa, and the powers would be me.
The plan was spun. It would be done.
So from that garden I was frozen statue until it would be time to awaken, and be broken from the stone by lightning ringing upon me in this statuesque form six hundred and sixty six times. A second birthing sung from the lightning’s, hammer song.
I saw the cities of man now well founded, and I felt the ever growing number of souls, and this brought me great joy and a gleeful smile. For the corruption that I would spill into the world would be the black abyss.
I Julius Luna, spent time in a land of reason where great ideas were prepared that would seed the rest of man's time. I felt the soul of a physician, my dark master commanded me to make. The first black gift was given by force.
The death of the physician, the death of innocence, despoiled by the kiss eternal.

Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer

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