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Vignette: Rolondo from Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer - A day dream lived. — LiveJournal [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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Vignette: Rolondo from Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer [Sep. 14th, 2014|12:44 pm]
Rolondo Post Card
Rolondo by unixarcade

Dark fae, spinning midnight dreams, nightmares, and fantasies to mortal men. A prince among his kind from high castles and dark shires. Where midnight suns hang in fugue clouds that dream in dusk the fairy shine.
Hollow worlds and dark suns, may the sheen be white lightning, may it be mirror matter. May the mirror matter entrance you the twinkling glimmer glisten.
The jest and jesters game is part of the clown prince’s princely plays upon the stage and theater of the mind. Executing every play gracefully, even when interpreted as a farce. May the mad be madder as the globe of hatters and their mercurial bathes have they found immortality with their mecurials. It may be so, but it may be the dreams of the prince at play with principalities and powers still yet to be seen, as the tarot cards are dealt, and death comes up.
Who will it be paying the merry piper three for things that are far grimmer than one might note, as it was played, dancing on those infinite black suns.

Going Home By: Stephan Handbringer

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