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The Road Ahead [Oct. 16th, 2014|09:47 am]
There is still more road ahead than behind.
We made it to Elko Nevada, after visiting Boulder Colorado the Watercourse in Colorado was very nice.
The establishment was well designed, the art was enjoyable even if it would not be things that I would enjoy in my own domocile.
Other than the frozen magnetic waves which was a joy.
Went to a nice bookstore that would have been lovely to sit and read at, and the Wizards chest toystore.

Nature has been all around us on the journey and it is more joyous peaceful and serene to me than the things that man makes.
Salt lake city utah is very remote.

My phone keypad is acting up and my tablet broke a few days ago.
I wanted to read with it, back to the laptop.

Currently in Elko Nevada will be leaving in the next few hours to go to California.