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The Country is Beautiful [Oct. 30th, 2014|10:57 am]
Two days ago I stepped off of the train in Detroit.
It was an adventure fraught with problems, and challenges.
Though what in life is not.

Taking the train was a good choice, though it is a prison you can get off of, very much like theme parks, and destinations.
There where several people who kind of hinted they wanted food, and I offered them some, and they said that most people would not do that.

I don't understand how it could be, but I know that most people are hardened from care.
It is not strong to be falsely strong so that you do not know what is moving you or that you should be moved.

The country is a many day journey across it  and many more depending your speed or many less if you where going faster.
The canyons, clouds and fractals everywhere. It is evident in nature that so much of it repeats itself in forms smaller and larger.
The joy of it's pattern.

The great thing about adventuring or considering or listening is the stories and all of the things you might suss out for yourself if you are paying attention to those and the world around you.

I leave you with that for there are still many things to be done, that I would decide to do, and always so little time.