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¡Salud! [Nov. 1st, 2014|01:08 am]
I want to be writing creating and drawing, programming.

Right now I am building, I am building a house, sure the house had the framing, but now as the insulation is laid.
The drywall goes up piece by piece and the house in constructed anew.

All those nails I pounded and the things I have lifted has lead me here to this road.

Life has not played out as I imagined it, and in someways it's better, it is certainly different.

Though time is still being played on the piano of life.
One day the music will stop, and I know that if I died today, I have lived a good life, I have had lots of wonderful people in my life.
Some that wandered through just to visit for a while, and others that have been with me since the beginning or before.

Though tomorrow, I rest.

Then the walls go up one by one, and the dreams who knows about the dreams some of them have their own lives.
Well we will see.

Cheers, Luminosity