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Winding roads of contemplation [Dec. 20th, 2014|02:42 am]
This last year I completed the writing of two texts, I could have given a solid place to sit for a while completed the four works I was set out to complete. Though the time has given me some things to think about in those works. I was given a number of gifts a divine light through a physical conduit.

I have been working on this place nearly everyday improving both the outside and the inside, always edging towards visions that I may see but many do not see until they are complete.

I worked on a ceiling a board at a time, I finished monstrously large floor paintings in that same building.

I am looking forward to the spring yet I am not wishing away my time yet some of the time I am spending seems to be in purgation. Though maybe this is a time which I am changing or learning in new ways, things that I may not find important now yet maybe important in some possible future.

So to the new year hugs and kisses and hard work.
Let us see what we might accomplish with will work, and mind.