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Origami Mind [Dec. 22nd, 2014|10:53 am]
I see the enimies and often time I am looking at me.
The problems I see are often bigger than me.
Though the machines of creation within might solve them.

Though we spend so much time with external harm or control that we might not see the problems that be.
Should we not see, I do plea.
Problems that be.

Problems that end, the mind, and our time.
So the stars about us have no concern, for the matter out their is a terror to here.

Still we set our wars upon ourselves and not our problems.
Are these all problems of super organisms.
A body divided infected.

Still lips sewn shut, we can't have the conversation.
Please hurt my feelings, and allow me to hurt yours so that we might make progress as we might heal together.

A universe that cares not, and we with the ability to care should, because our minds solve problems.
The beauty of the universal computer we have always searching for.

We simply seek ourself that would not harm itself from without and within.

An origami nervous system and as beautiful as all of the stars.