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The Detroit I Know [Jan. 8th, 2015|02:01 am]
The Detroit I know is not all good, and not all bad.
This Detroit it has spirit, and stories.
Too many have been silent for too long.
These stories about people we have loved or do love.

On the ground the people are starving, the people want answers.
On the ground the buildings collapse and the fires burn.
They burn first in our hearts.
Broken promises, and lies from lips of those that should help.
Instead harm and curses.

This Detroit complex full of faces and hands like mine of all color.
I look at my hands and I see them all, my face them all.

Still people won't or will not believe the truth.
Hope above all else, and with a little grace we might see it through.

Epictetus and Martin Luther King would march hand in hand.
These promises must be kept.

Our word matters.