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Occupation Vulagaris [Feb. 15th, 2015|06:34 pm]
Mechanation, grinding us out.
A body moved in only one direction hurts.
Ghosts of memories of the movement.

The body wants to be free with the mind embeded.
An integrated whole.
Loneliness written in the code of an age.

It's vocation we seek, a calling.
Callings kept at bay by invisible bars of oppression.
Little questions keep us from us.

Freedom is breath.
Without freedom suffocation.
The hive still dances on in ignorance as the soul suffers.

Set your soul free to it's integration.
No bars or bodies barriers to the truth of freedom.
If I am free than nothing can keep me.

Open hands holding a butterfly, as it finds itself again in flight as the cherry blossom rush against the eddies of the wind.