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The Hungry Ghosts are Screaming for Peace, and Stillness. - A day dream lived. [String|Data|Nodes|Dossier]

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The Hungry Ghosts are Screaming for Peace, and Stillness. [Feb. 27th, 2015|02:05 pm]
I feel the virus of pain and suffering it's boiling writhing as more then 500,000 thousand children die to hundreds of thousand of bombs.
Only to fuel the debt bomb.

It's all blowing up, the seekers of silence not seeking deeply enough.
I hear the inner screams of the animals abound they scream of the ignorance of one's animality.
They scream for a hope and peace.

Only with the internal peace might external peace ever be found.

It might not be known to those have not deeply suffered.
From a sufferer to the unsuffering, peace is worth it.

From the unknown countless that have died of plauge and virus.
Those ghosts will tell you that vaccination is worth it.

So let us sit stilly, then move in the stillness and bring it with us.
So that we might bier peace within us as it is us.