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85 [Feb. 27th, 2015|02:16 pm]
A dancer in the wind.
Might you find peace.
Sometimes it's the only thing that I would wish for in a life in storm.
Might your heart know that it is worthy of peace and that we might help it.

So many things, don't wear the burden your are only responsible to a point.
Then the points gain expression and become lines, circles and other obects that might themselves transform.

So in these dancing days finding forward the silent sky and you will find it one day even if the howling winds are about us.

You are worthy and worth it. I love you.

I hope the last moondance is a dance of ascencion.

Enjoy safely one day the final eyes closing.
In  meantime live this day as your last.

Always be yourself for it is the most courageous act.