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Modernizing Swords to Plowshares [Feb. 14th, 2018|12:02 am]
When apache helicopters miniguns turn into massively fast powerful and accurate seed planters we have found a more true peace.
We can also use rail gun technology as I am sure it is used for to escape our atmosphere and leave into space. We can use renewable energy to power these rails.
This technology could be also used with ultra lights or heavy gliders to transport goods very quickly to remote regions or locally.

This technology can be further abstracted and while we work with it and build we will solve problems with energy storage and use we will discover other things we do now know or have not implemented.
If large enough it will take advantage of parabolic motion  and if large enough at the highest altitudes it takes far less power to reach escape velocity.

Nuclear power has I think mostly been used to produce new plutonium for weapons, and the technology that we have developed for these weapons and our power plants with our current level of understanding very dangerous to us as a species on this planet. The technology itself is incredibly useful and should be explored in space far away from our home worlds. We will be able to use these technologies very well in space where we do don't have to worry about our fragile environment. We can also use these technologies and others like them to help with terraforming other bodies in space. Who knows if a comet is large enough just as we have a satelitte taking a ride we can put small out posts there.

If we evolve enough though we become beings of pure potentiation without physical form, energy beings with a mathematical essence. Though if we were running in some sort of simulation in the mathematics then we would already be that and would simply be fulfilling our aeternal recurrence.

Here is to today may we live it well and kindly.
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No more the ghetto, No more [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:46 pm]
No more children dying on the streets of under-representation and misplaced beats.
How many gun wounds to the unprotected by those who serve.
To protect and serve, to protect and serve, always faithful.

Service is continual and vigilance is necessary. Are there conditions that provide more just out comes for many.
Potential stolen by inadequate supply.
Intentional cruelty done silently.

We all pay when we drink the sweet waters of lead as our friends in Flint.
Hated because of need.
Hated because of life.

Why should we hate so virulently those we do not know, who share with us so many underlying characteristics.
The hate burns both ways.
We must activate and create more creatively more openly.
In the flow.
To be in the flow.

To be the flow.

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The Disease [Feb. 13th, 2018|11:35 pm]
It would seem the unidentified or intentionally unexamined disease that has been spreading across the planet is the percieved need or slated greed of the individual. The biggest part of the problem is that few individuals decide it's enough. Its always never enough, and the problem with that is that one day much as the inhabitants of easter island you use all the trees and none are left and you don't have a way to escape so you start eating one another until there is eventually a population collapse.

Other variations of this occur such as the mouse utopia this is because individuals cannot individuate then they take up roles they would not without complete access to resources with our an ever growing territory. A move 37 is made against us and we barely know it was played and we don't understand it when it is.

I hope that we use our data our hearts or our minds to stave off these problems as we have seen them come to fruition in our own time.
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A Cape Town Caper [Feb. 8th, 2018|09:42 am]
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It would seem that water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink is what will exist in the world until people can see and care about the tiger one mile away.

Good news friends. :)

I see tigers at a distance and occasionally invite them for tea. :)

To my friends in this world the known and the unknown the small and large.

We have military grade salt water desalinators here and they need to be running over there until you fill your aquifers.
You can then convert them to use kinder and gentler energy solutions. Since running on diesel and gasoline are simply short-term solutions to a long-term problem. The energy crisis has been solved by at least 2 great scientists over a century ago though. 1 is your friend Einstein he received a Nobel prize for his discovery and Tesla our other friend we are not taking advantage or Wiitricity or the wireless transmission of power over long distances or the ability to absorb ions in the atmosphere and put them to work..

These Desalinators can be airlifted in and turned on now so please do. :)
If you need a piping solution to transport the water effectively, I advise super large pex. :)
Run it above ground temporarily rolling it out to its destination and burying it later.

Okay thank you that is all for now. :)
Your friend Luminosity

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A handheld with hopes for one more breath. [Feb. 6th, 2018|08:50 pm]
A year in between day dreams and nightmares. Fantastic dreams as beasts wrote the untamed frequencies lifes had an unhad. New days strange years. We dance into the gonzo possesses with frequenty urglieblots and blitzifriggles.
Needless to say day dreams unravel like favorite sweaters.

Certainly some people get happily ever afters at least for a little while.
Take those dreams when they come.

Make those dreams come true.
Agency and zest, agency and zest.

Today we craft the songspells and mysteries to make brighter days for we's and the trees.
Our brothers the biggest streams.
Oceans in the heart beat of ten thousand planets.

To be today to be tommorrow.
One breath at a time.

Take not for granted these treasured days of our if we but have the smallest things and ten thousand day dreams.
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Happy Holidays [Dec. 22nd, 2017|09:25 am]
              o_.-"`    `\
       .--.  _ `'-._.-'""-;     _
     .'    \`_\_  {_.-a"a-}  _ / \
   _/     .-'  '. {c-._o_.){\|`  |
  (@`-._ /       \{    0  } \\ _/
   `~\  '-._      /'.     }  \}  .-.
     |>:<   '-.__/   '._,} \_/  / ())  
     |     >:<   `'---. ____'-.|(`"`
     \            >:<  \\_\\_\ | ;
      \                 \\-{}-\/  \
       \                 '._\\'   /)
        '.                       /(
          `-._ _____ _ _____ __.'\ \
            / \     / \     / \   \ \ 
         _.'/^\'._.'/^\'._.'/^\'.__) \
     ,=='  `---`   '---'   '---'      )


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Intra Locution Cyberia Advent: Progress [Dec. 16th, 2017|11:57 pm]
Have a few chapters laid out, first chapter I am pretty happy with should be pretty easy to record.
Window set to maximize on execution, prechapter work set, Spfx set, Dialogue check.
Second Chapter needs to be read and meditated on then either further developed or continue.

Going to layout full Dialogue first and keep working on specific layout or features as I am going along.

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Straight until we beat, and this too shall pass. [Dec. 10th, 2017|06:11 am]
The words curled up in me still alive, yet quiet.
A stillness in my being even as I am restless.

Wandering I roam to waters known and unknown.
Waking up before my time.
Still my eyes heavy with sleep.

What is required maybe to walk ten thousand miles.
Ten thousand miles still and then I walk.
Where am I going.

There have been plans some layed out some wandered.
Some failed some burned.
Life a series of changes.

Permute with me this waking morning till kamikaze eyes burn.
Suns to bright to see.
Long time coming.

Oh yes we do.

Still I wander into the glorious light burning with the intensity of all creations.
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Writing in the stars. Starlog Dec 6 2017 [Dec. 6th, 2017|10:32 pm]

It's time to sleep to work again.
Music has been constructed.
Movie has been worked on.

Other goals closer to achieving.
Other goals are in an unknown state.

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Another Project Complete: Imperium Du Sang Now Read on Youtube : And other Updates [Dec. 1st, 2017|03:13 pm]
Last month was not nearly as fiscally successful as I was striving for. Still two estate sales completed, and other work done. I would say it's a success. More importantly though I finished a project that I started last year and it took me to Dec 1 to complete. :) .

Imperium Du Sang is know complete as a Book, an Ebook, and Youtube project!

The base layout for the internet project / software project / movie for Intra Locution a Cyberia Advent is setup.
I will probably work on it some more later this evening.

Hope you are all well, and completing projects. :)
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