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A day dream lived.

Hello world

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If found myself standing on a shore in a distant land. I saw a mirror, the mirror was uplifted.
If floated there. A monotone hiss was then released. My colors are the colors of the rainbow and the shades of light and darkness.
The mirror then cracked, a sonic boom then pierced the clouds. It called to me, It called my name.
Ponder a koan. Take a trip. Spread a meme. An enigma persistent. Paradoxes can be solved. Problems and questions colored with quotation.
Quilted in Queens Satin sardonic symphonic speeches.

Other interests include: punks, videos, mdfmk, occult, hacking, velvet acid christ, lace, dvd, silk, dating, ozzy, time, front 242, compassion, massage, latin, secrets, taoism, robots, ebm, fruit, funker vogt, prose, fucking, cyberpunk, latex, debate, lakes, understanding, reality, bach, cereal, nietzsche, rice, akira, faith, artists, meat, gadgets, health, faith no more, mysticism, color, violins, wisdom, angst, graveyards, shadows, 1984, breasts, mathematics, females, demons, egypt, bread, thoughts, aromatherapy, innocence, kindness, soul, rush, dungeons and dragons, renaissance, satanism, phones, enigma, matrix, communication, mr. bungle, nighttime, engineering, ghost in the shell, dr. seuss, satin, legendary pink dots, danzig, artificial intelligence, security, mirc, iron maiden, folklore, white, tantra, hackers, oingo boingo, india, enlightenment, haiku, percussion, energy, midnight, chocolate milk, slurpees, spoken word, intimacy, touch, ladies, style, serial experiments lain, interesting people, pleasure, lists, flames, and one, conversations, full moons, fingers, thrill kill kult, business, power, plastic, making friends, pigface, software, balance, the occult, cultures, dante, lucid dreaming, studying, web development, chinese, strength, spontaneity, vegetables, wondering, questions, creation, frontline assembly, infinity, i, detroit, true love, heaven, faith and the muse, destiny, sleepy hollow, legs, michigan, networks, ethics, attention, lingerie, vivaldi, noodles, fractals, asia, love letters, tibet, wizards, smart people, caring, goonies, wonder, happy, souls, weird, crazy, robotics, theory, poison, esp, openbsd, watermelon, winning, future, adrenaline, entropy, conspiracy, vampire hunter d, feelings, sluts, carl sagan, models, genitorturers, girlfriends, lovers, exploration, plato, contemplation, weirdos, sister machine gun, vampire the masquerade, salad, chrome, ethereal, personality, speaking, black roses, 2600, john zorn, information, goth girls, memory, flight, magik, genius, gods, interests, visual basic, tears for fears, flappers, flutes, boxers, 7, conventions, forest, capitalism, herman hesse, french kissing, perception, arms, kanji, blades, pears, 13, wagner, growth, adobe, machines, full moon, burning, immortality, lucid dreams, usa, gravity, introversion, magnets, hips, knowing, video editing, blind guardian, observation, saturn, circles, ravi shankar, cute, porno for pyros, css, orgasm, amusement, nihongo, weights, royal oak, bombs, whimsy, the legendary pink dots, knifes, dead things, hopes, ancient, drug free, microsoft, steel, clothing design, intrigue, essential oils, city club, minds, dark wave, socrates, rose, innovation, odd, individuals, virtual reality, martyrs, distortion, pinky and the brain, lasers, telnet, grendel, erotic, nonconformists, places, survival, cash, data, kronos quartet, gremlins, schubert, cybernetics, apoptygma bezerk, 1, neve campbell, 7-11, answers, girlfriend, vaginas, priests, symbols, john milton, the web, scanners, quizzes, rasputin, the never ending story, tcp/ip, basic, maya, end, challenge, ann arbor, mystic, strategy, shelter, deutschland, foods, bbs, charm, chanting, hebrew, spies, matthew, war games, ra, morality, rebels, abnormality, motivation, unc, old, tux, smart, triangles, experiments, yahoo clubs, past, never ending story, ego, progress, quality, theorizing, new, katana, chocolate ice cream, secret societies, wealth, redhat, goals, fooling around, mit, heroes, dark matter, shapes, cuisine, algorithms, dos, subs, activity, soft kisses, molecules, ninja, disturbing, servers, cia, characters, edge, love making, wants, phreaks, kgb, needs, quantum, akasha, opinionated, profiling, fascination, hume, oddity, horizons, cognition, teleportation, deviation, concepts, nsa, hobbes, inventions, story, ieee, rhyme, urls, clitoris, eclectic, atoms, sophistication, present, adamantium, elf, inventors, xerox, cyberspace, astral, extropian, force, kingdoms, luminosity, leading, chance, yoni, alan turing, hidden, webs, ninjitsu, pseudonyms, tests, tremere, revelation, pentagram, dimensions, carnival, pdp-11, deckers, interpretation, cdr's, stimuli, vr, fortitude, emmanuel goldstein, french bread, entrepreneur, mastermind, the wired, magma, logs, acronyms, proof, practice, sri lanka, sages, scientists, fearless, reverb, non fiction, mage the ascension, events, facts, lasombra, xerox parc, windows nt, psionics, hiragana, passwords, macguyver, glyphs, abnormal, eccentric, quark, ambrosia, capital, bu, g spot, meson, m5, some family, steven hawkings, autoeroticism, concentration, buttocks, computer books, fulfillment, muslim, vacant, hexadecimal, trading, boddhisatva, extroversion, foundation, levity, cyberia, worlds, super computers, cyborg, circuits, switch blade symphony, silicon graphics, crux shadows, short shorts, novell, deep blue, leonardo davinci, vivid, homes, something new, http, finances, intangibles, erotic massage, accomplishments, villians, project echelon, katakana, users, handles, sweet and sour chicken, theorys, poltergeists, spell casting, thought provoking, shadow run, mutants, response, telecomunications, mkultra, mind invoking, conception, open mike, aurthur c. clarke, riggers, omanko, forces, properties, alexander the great, spaces, ichi ban, technophile, philosophers stone, massachutes, bytes, the mentor, electromagnets, body's, cern, sexual fantasy, idealist, frau, finery, components, bianary, lepton, dantes inferno, siddah, rift, oct-3, richard p feyman, marvin minsky, vlad tepis, ftl travel, fddi, manipulating the aspect, estradashere, philomath, love at first site, celerity, neo cortex, philogony, oraculum, angelinajoli, dr. mudge, unixarcade, composite materials, intelegese, mini computers, william gates the third, xenophile, maniac mcgee, won ton soup, holy men, non coporeal form, alexander graham bell, ascetics, steven pinkerton, potence, mudrah, neuro networks, mailing, sacred symbols, buck minister fuller, shrodienger, contour, phantoms, psycho tropics, steven levy, quandry's, rail guns, hp love craft, bahaus, hobby's, phasing, pop will eatself, linear accelerators, issac asmiov, mental prowess, hard drives, win 2000, workstations, chow mien, capabilitys, dvdr's, intel, the rammones, attributes, pelvis grinding, sphere, deus ex machina, the good son, osi, my own style, voudoun, being driven, internalization, destroying rubbish, tranhumanism, mastering skills, salvitor dali, areo space, tzimicie, ascii red, secret chiefs three, decimal, pablo picaso, shin shin na ga, shell accounts, no taxes, policy, romantisism, coke a cola, 3com, a warm caress, ethnicity, women’s orgasms, eniac, the end of days, beborn benton, win amp, bra's, master piece, laboratories, cute comments, cooperation, ascencion, foreshadowing, rammones, cyber tec, crypto zoology, skills, saviors, biography's, ragnorok, happy hard core, all hollows eve, verbage, mr. wizard, computation, armegedon, particles, tu pac, vellum, i.c.e, functions, dream time, undying love, accounts, samadi, the prince, neutrino, master mind, dia, attainment, neuro science, joshi, cogito, girls liking me, bugsy glespe, gizmo's, chav, amour, vtes, obliteration, folk stories, cinta, egg roll, factions, note pad, steel rose, the hollow ones, certification, java script, soldering iron, machinations, frontiers, daniel dennete, bits, suki, cunlingus, bibliophile

A devil in the mind is your devil in time.